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 agm closure

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PostSubject: agm closure   Sun Oct 25, 2009 3:06 am

With the recent arrest of AGM’s boss and A&K ceasing production of airsoft guns – is this the beginning of the end for Chinese-made airsoft guns?

“Shenzhen Customs officers destroy replica guns in the warehouse of its Huizhou anti-smuggling office Thursday. About 2,790 guns and 1,500 kilograms of spare parts were destroyed, Customs officials said Friday. The popularity of field warfare games has contributed to increased demand for replica guns in the domestic market, which has led to an increase in replica gun smuggling cases, officials said. The guns resemble the real thing in color, weight, size and quality, and as such can be used by criminals to threaten victims in robberies and muggings. So far nearly 12,000 smuggled replica guns and spare parts have been seized by the Customs this year.” (from Shenzhen Daily)
quoted at fas:

There is confirmed news from Hong Kong that AGM has been shut down indefinitely and the owner sent to prison for 10 years. Allegedly, an employee of AGM was using the facilities to manufacture Real guns.

(third hand info: just passing it along)

WW2 airsofters: time to buy the MP44 and Sten
GBBR users: i think the prices will sky rocket soon...
Yes. this is true. We are having difficulties with the supplies now(airsoft shops) same is true with JG and most ACM items. Get your items before they run out of stocks because we don't expect these stocks to come in anymore not even in December.
As an airsoft seller i have direct info about that and sad to say it's true. No reply or no answer on their old contact number as per my mainland contact. Other ACM makers suffer the same plight also but to a lesser degree. According to the source, AGM's machines and tools also carted away by authorities. Question is... Why? This is a multi million dollar industry in China and generates huge income for them. Why don't they legalize it there?
Back to high end units muna tayo for the mean time. ACM accesories tuloy pa din. I'm sure JG and the others will make a way.
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agm closure
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